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Red Dashboard LLC was created in 2010 when two writer/poets decided to begin an on-line journal for zombie poetry, and eventually grew to three ezines in total- Z-composition, Cowboy Poetry Press, and Annapurna Magazine. We are a small publishing house seeking intriguing books of poetry and short flash literature: poetry (chapbook and full length), flash- short story collections, non- fiction, black and white artwork, and works of short prose poetry. Our three ezines listed above are now offering a yearly print anthology; Strange FrenZies, Unbridled, Clarify, and with a few selective additions throughout the year (See Submissions page).

We are primarily a poetry based publishing company, offering paper back, eBooks, Kindle, and audio options for each book. We will consider Flash novels, Short Story of various genre subject matter, but will offer our services to Writing retreats and workshop for manuals/workbooks, and not-for-profit organizations services for projects. Email: for more information.

RedD is looking for authors to be current in on-line social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and other branches of self-marketing. We enourage open mic readings, social gatherings with other like-minded authors, round-table mentoring, and book touring. Cross promoting our books leads to a great word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

Red Dashboard LLC Publishing is listed on Duotrope, Poets & Writers, and has Facebook pages, as well as Twitter (so are our ezines).


Are you looking for a publisher for your poetry? Send a query with a description (proposal letter) of your project and a sample of your work to

Are you a bookseller? To arrange for our titles to appear at your store, contact

We are always looking for unique partnership opportunities. Let's talk about how we can work together:


Beginning back in July, 2014 we hosted a reading in Addison, Texas for our southwestern resident authors. The turnout was good, so we decided to host another, one in NJ/PA, and the other back in the Dallas Metroplex area.

New Jersey/Pennsylvania Authors- TBA

Dallas/Ft. Worth Authors- April 18, 2015 @ 4pm til we are done, Richardson, Tx; poets, fiction and screenwriters welcome!

Information: editor@reddashboard for more info, must RSVP



October 9, 2013

Red Dashboard Publishing, L.L.C. is a new start-up enterprise owned and operated by the Texas poet Elizabeth Akin Stelling.  Based out of Princeton, New Jersey, it evolved out of three separate eZine ventures that covered a range of literary styles and active interests, from cooking to zombies to all things cowboy.  The list of initial titles published by Red Dashboard reflects a similar range: Rodney Nelson’s Mogollon Picnic, M.V. Montgomery’s Night-Crawl, Joshua Gray’s Principles of Belonging, and Ray Sharp’s Memories of When We Were Birds.  Themed poetry, prose-poem blends, "dime novels", and flash fiction are all welcomed, and Stelling prefers to work one-on-one with writers who have already, to some extent, established themselves by publishing pieces at one of her sites: Cowboy Poetry Press, Annapurna Magazine, and Z-composition.  

Writers who submit a manuscript to Red Dashboard Publishing may expect a collegial working relationship that comes from working closely with a fellow author, and also a meticulous attention to detail and to the finished product of someone with a trained eye of a master chef.

Dr. Michael Montgomery, author of Mark Twain In Outter Space and
Life University, Georgia  


October 3, 2016

Red Dashboard drives its authors with verve and vivacity through the road hazards of contemporary publishing. Elizabeth Dillion and her expert editors add value with stylish text, elegant spacing, and book covers that are polished marvels. With LOL humor Elizabeth’s helpful editing even makes the process of proofing a joy (well, …almost). In the often chaotic world of small presses, Red Dashboard knows the routes and the ramps to publishing success.

Dennis Daly, author of Sentinel


October 2016

I really appreciate Ms. Dillion's supportive guidance.  Sometimes when I write I find myself staying in the monkey house too long. The editors at Red Dashboard Publishing help me move out into the fresh air by their insightful mentoring.

Tyson West, author of Mall of the Damned


November 2016

I had an overall pleasant experience with the staff of Red Dashboard Publishing. They sent me templates for the book cover and took any ideas about art concepts that I gave them. The managing editor worked with me on the galley and addressed any mistakes that I found. There were a couple gaps of time between stages in the publishing process, but all I had to do was check in with the editor and ask what developments were made. I look forward to any future opportunities I have to work with Red Dashboard LLC Publishing.

L. Garvey Thomas, author of Get In The Ring

November 16, 2016

Thanks, Elizabeth! You are wonderfully talented and nice, and one of the best editors with whom I’ve had the privilege to work with.

Much thanks,

–Laura Madeline Wiseman, author of People Like Cats, Leaves of Absence, and The Bottle Opener